Price: $1,800

Province: Ontario
City: Renfrew
Type: Cars

Update Jan 10 - Pricing split for car and engine stuff!

I have been working on a Lotus Europa fabrication and V8 engine swap, but have lost steam and I am now ready to part with it so someone else can have a try. The plan was to have an all aluminum 5.0L V8 that only weighs 310 lb and could produce ~250hp in a car that weighs lb.
This started out as a parts car and is NOT a complete Europa that could be made back into a stock version. There is no Renault engine or transaxle, original suspension or interior gauges. Most of the original interrior will need redoing. Seats are missing. Original frame is included, but was rewelded due to rust by one of the previous owners and I would not trust it to be true and square. This car DOES have an ownership in MY name. It also includes the original Lotus Workshop and parts list manuals in their original binders.

The new frame is a custom TIG welded space frame made out of 1.5x1.5x0. CREW tube to the true dimensions of the original S2 sheetmetal frame, except in the rear, where extra space was needed for the V8.

Front Suspension is a custom adjustable A356 cast aluminum A-arms up front that have been polished and anodized. New Spax gas shocks and new upper ball joints and new lower brass trunions.

The engine was going to be a heavily modified rover V8. Included is a complete Rover 3.9L V8 out of a wrecked Land Rover; a mostly complete Buick 300 engine with aluminum heads. Couple of odds and ends rover bits - extra block water pump etc.

The transaxle is out of an Audi . A custom cast magnesium adapter plate connects the rover engine and audi gearbox.
I have about $ into it already. I am looking for $ for everything related to the Lotus and $350 for all of the V8 engine stuff.