Okay....so this is like a contest!!! Yay fun!
From December 21 to January 11th. :D
Hydraulic Chair
Dryer Chair
Shampoo Sink (refinished white, and heavy [bracket included]!)
To decide who gets this, please email a short paragraph (I'd say "essay" but then it would scare people off) of your plans, why you like the industry, and why you want to be the lucky winner of this Hairstyling equipment. Basically - why should I give it to you and not someone else. See? FUN! It's old, and blue, but it works and is comfortable and could be recovered.
PLEASE do not email and ask "is this still available?" If the ad is listed it is available and when the contest is over in 3 weeks will be taken off.
There must be someone entrepreneurial out there who wants to set up shop. :D